Outreach marketing means that you aren’t going to sit back and wait for your customers or clients to come to you. By taking a proactive stance, you go out to where they are and initiate a conversation with them on their own turf. There are many community outreach methods that help you reach your target audience in a personal way such as local event marketing or grass roots outreach initiatives. When done right the message becomes exciting and memorable enough that word of mouth generates ongoing momentum for your brand. It means being the one who starts the conversation, and then it’s in your hands to shape it as the relationship grows. With Mad 4 Marketing, we can pair up to create an outreach marketing campaign that is all about making that pivotal first impression, followed by continued engagement.


Outreach marketing often has a unique goal in mind. That is to say, unlike with many forms of marketing, it’s not just about closing a sale or positioning your brand. Outreach marketing may have a one-off target in mind, with a specific solution — for example, spreading word or soliciting support for one particular event. Mad 4 Marketing takes your specific goals to heart and figures out how to best utilize your budget to achieve your goals. We realized that companies who need outreach marketing often regularly need to use it and can’t recycle materials or employ an annual fund all in one go. We’ll help your dollars stretch and help you get dependable results with focused, honed-in outreach marketing.